Happy Owners and Dogs

Below are testimonials from just a few of our happy owners and their dogs.

happydoggeorgeWhen we first adopted George he had spent time in a number of homes and had been in and out of the dog pound. He was a scared little dog, frightened of his own shadow. He needed a loving stable home but came with a lot of insecurity and nervous issues. Claire really helped us to understand George’s needs and how to bond with him to make him feel more secure and loved, and more importantly how to manage his nervous behaviour. After a year of not being able to leave him with anyone or go out for too long, we are now able to leave him in the kennels whilst we take a holiday, let him run around in our back garden and take him on long walks. We manage his limitations and ensure he has a good amount of playtime each day. He is an amazing little dog who has a huge personality and very much part of our family.

We would definitely recommend North K9, and our journey had just begun with George as he provides new challenges for us each day! I am sure we will be back!

Thanks so much again
Lisa, James & George

Further Agility SkillsWhat a brilliant training club with 1st class trainers who are extremely knowledgable and patient- great range of courses to suit any dog of any age. Lovely small classes and good venues. My dog started attending puppy classes and has tried agility, Flyball and passed Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen Awards through this club- highly recommend- I hope the club continues to go from strength to strength- you all deserve it! Roxy wouldn’t be my little super star without the support you have given us over the years

Posted by Rachel Holmes on Sunday, 8 November 2015

Excellent dog training classes! My cheeky Whippet Seth joined the life skills class as a pup. He’s since passed his Bronze, Silver award and we are working towards the KC Gold award. He is now aged 14 months old, well behaved and adorable…all thanks to Claire. x

Posted by Sarah Platts on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

We started the Agility Skills last spring, when we first moved to Huddersfield. Bax loved the sessions, learning all the basic skills that then enabled us to progress to training with All Four Paws agility group in Sept 13. I’ve met lots of new people and Bax is now ready for his first competition. Can’t recommend the classes enough.
Tori & Baxter