Claire’s blog #malilife

Hello and welcome to my latest blog, it’s been a while since I last blogged, so we will have lots of new people, and I have a new addition to the gang, so here’s an introduction to team NK9.  I’m Claire, I’m the owner and lead trainer here at NK9, I’ve been training professionally for over 15 years (I’ve stopped adding up 😂) and have helped 1000s of dogs and people in that time,
I of course love all dogs, but have a huge passion for high drive working dogs (as you’ll notice when you see my guys) I love seeing dogs expressing their natural drives and doing what they were designed to do.

Here’s my team, they’re a enormous part of my personal life and my work.  They all have different roles to play and hugely different personalities and experience.  The one thing they all have in common is that they all have  jobs to perform and they love it!



Havoc (Mr perfect)



My 4 year old working Malinois (Belgian shepherd) he’s my boy, we train in a sport called IPO, which is like a triathlon for dogs, tracking, obedience and protection, he also does agility.  He’s a gift, level headed and calm, he’s fabulous to have around the younger dogs and lovely to live with, my best mate, I think we are a good team 😎😍




Mavis Hound (May May)




May is an almost 2 year old Lurcher, (collie x whippet)  a rescue pup who came via our favourite rescue Lurcher link, as a 12 week old pup. She’s an awesome all round little dog, can turn her paw to anything from agility to school visits, she has the best nature, but her true passion in life is scent Work, she does detection work and so far since January this year, she’s had an active role in our detection team, who have found 2 cats, 3 dogs and a person so far this year.  In short, she’s my awesome pocket rocket 🚀



Blitz (baby B)



Our new addition, Blitz is a 6 month old Malinois, she’s a super confident little girl, another pocket rocket 🚀 She has started her training journey into IPO, but mostly at the moment is learning about life! I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more about her adventures in up-coming posts 😎

So that’s us, thank you for reading, we will be back shortly with the next instalment of #malilife