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Rest and overstimulation
I’ve chosen to talk about the importance of rest for my blog this time because it’s very high on the list of things I am putting into training plans every week.

Dogs require reasonable amounts of rest throughout the day, particularly puppies, to function in a balanced fashion, to be able to think clearly and not be too hectic in their mind.
Young puppies need huge amounts of rest, despite what they try to tell you 😂 the younger they are the more they need, larger breeds more still.

The misconception I see is that if puppy is kept very active throughout the day, they will sleep through the night. What actually happens is that puppy becomes wildly overstimulated and unable to cope with life, therefore pawrents see an increase in unwanted behaviour such as mouthing.

It especially important that your puppy rests after play and training sessions, here’s why;  during your training sessions puppy records ‘ticks’ for the things he did that resulted in a reward (‘good boy’ or food).  He also records ‘zeros’ for the things that don’t get rewarded.  The period of rest after the session is when the brain sorts that out! That’s when the learning goes in, the brain forgets the zeros, and banks the ticks.

The more restful puppy is, the calmer and happier he will be, he can listen better, engagement is easier and they are happier.  Remember… rules 😎