Claire’s Blog: What You Put In …

As you all know, I recently took on a new  puppy Mavis, she is fitting in well and is wonderful, like any puppy she is of course hard work!

Puppies are awesome little sponges, always offering behaviour (even if you don’t want that particular one) and ever on the look out for mischief and adventure. Lots of people think this is something to be quashed, but I think it’s important to nurture this attitude! I want to show my pup the right way to go about life, and teach her good life skills, and that means harnessing all that adventurous behaviour and giving her good things to soak up.

I think of training like a savings bank account, for the first 18-24months I invest heavily, not much with- drawing! That is what’s happening now with Mavis. Eight weeks ago when I picked her up, I opened a new savings account.

Havoc is my grown up boy; his account has been open 2.5years now, and over the last 6 months I have withdrawn just a small amount. The biggest withdrawal we’ve done is when Havoc did his first IPO trial recently and passed his BH!

I’m also cashing in on some of his lovely behaviours day to day, now we have Mavis. One of the big examples is when we all go walking together. I can ask Havoc to sit and stay whilst I deal with a Mavis-related situation (there’s a few🙈😂) and he’s happy to oblige, and I trust him to do what I need him to. It’s also easier to regulate any social time between them because whilst Mavis is very much still learning, Havoc has the tools in place to listen to me independent of other things.

So, invest, heavily! It’s worthwhile, the time will pass anyway so you might as well get something from it!