Walk and Train

Walk and Train: exercise for your dog's body AND mind!Dogs need to exercise for their bodies and minds; a daily walk often gives our dogs lots of physical exercise, but finding the time to exercise their intelligence is more difficult! Giving your dog a way to engage their natural instincts and brain power leaves them more relaxed and happy, and that means a more harmonious household.

Our Walk and Train service is aimed at providing mental and physical exercise for your dog, on a one-to-one basis. It’s perfect for:

  • owners who don’t have the time or expertise to work on a particular training weakness or problem, particularly at  present with face to face unavailable
  • dogs who need more focused exercise, which is mentally as well as physically engaging
  • dogs who need additional walks but aren’t comfortable walking in groups or in areas where they may meet strange dogs

What does Walk and Train include?

Every Walk and Train session includes a full walk and plenty of mental exercise based on your dog’s individual requirements. This might include working on any training weaknesses your dog might have, including recalls, loose lead walking, or impulse control (leave it), or might be engaging them in active training such as tracking and nosework, clicker tricks, or obedience games. Most of our Walk and Train sessions focus on working with your dog around your local, familiar setting. You can also bring your dog to our private training facility in Huddersfield for their session.

Each session also includes an update for you on how training is progressing, and suggestions to maintain improvements at home.

Walk and Train Booking and Price

Walk and Train sessions last for 45mins and cost £40. 

Sessions can be booked as and when required, or on a more regular basis. All Walk and Train sessions conducted as one-to-one training to ensure your dog gets all the individual attention they require.

Our Walk and Train service is run by experienced dog trainer and canine behaviourist Claire North. Please contact us to discuss your needs. This service is only available in the Huddersfield area currently