Team Dog – Blitz

Blitz, waiting for her cue

Blitz is owned by Claire North who is the Lead Trainer at North K9.

Our Team dogs are a huge part of our lives and our work we love them to bits but they all have jobs to do.

Avonwolf Dynamite (BH) Belgian Malinois 09/12/2017

Blitz is the youngest team member and trains and competes in IPO (or IGP as its now called), she has gained her BH qualification which is a test of obedience (heelwork) and temperament.

It’s fair to say Blitz is a bit of a workaholic so we have big plans for this little pocket rocket. There are 3 more stages for us to try in the IPG schedule each one pushing the dog to do more. She loves the work and gets to travel around the country working with other like minded dogs and owners.

Like most young dogs Blitz can take a lot of work but they offer us so much in terms of energy and potential. It’s important that we, as owners, keep our expectations high and don’t let ourselves become content we what we have. A young dog will alway have more to offer, you simply have to ask. What have you asked of your dog today?

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