Team Dog – Havoc

A very proud Havoc

Havoc is owned by Claire North who is the Lead Trainer at North K9.

Our Team dogs are a huge part of our lives and our work we love them to bits but they all have jobs to do.

Xandoa Havoc (BH, IPO1)  born 01/04/2014 Belgian Malinois.

‘Hav’ to his friends, nicknamed “Mr Perfect” due to his unflappability. Havoc has recently retired from IPO, a sport that is both physically and mentally demanding for dogs, after an injury meant it wasn’t the best choice for him physically going forward. He now takes part in competitive obedience, mainly around the North of England.  He was placed his first time out and we are hopeful for the future with him in this sport.

The Belgian Malinois is an intelligent breed of dog with lots of energy so to live a happy and fulfilled life they must have a job to do and when they are unable to carry out that job it’s important you find them something else to do. What job does your dog have?

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