Team Dog – Mavis

Focused Mavis, ready for work

Mavis is owned by Claire North who is the Lead Trainer at North K9.

Our Team dogs are a huge part of our lives and our work we love them to bits but they all have jobs to do.

Mavis Hound (collie/whippet/grey). 11/8/2016

Mavis came from Lurcher Link a local charity we have supported for many years. Mavis, simply put, is our wonder dog. She started scent detection work at 5 months old, and moved onto search work at around 12 months, Mavis tracks and finds missing dogs, and on occasion people, working alongside our local police officers.

When Mavis is not tracking down missing dogs she works as a stooge dog. This means she helps reactive dogs and their owners by being with the dog and remaining very calm and providing the reactive dog with really clear body language to help it learn how to communicate with other dogs. Thanks to her exceptional body language and communication skills with other dogs, she’s helped to rehabilitate countless dogs in the past 2 years. 

Possibly the most inspiring thing about Mavis is that she completely breaks the Lurcher stereotype. Far too often we meet dog owners who believe their dogs can only do certain activities because of their breed. This simply isn’t true and when we tell them about Mavis and the work she does a world of opportunities opens up for them and their dogs. Does your dog break the mould?

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