Weekly Classes

Weekly classes at North K9 are taught by qualified instructors are experienced in companion dog training, as well having practical experience in their respective dog sport fields. We use positive, reward-based training methods that are motivational for dogs and owners!

Our dog training classes will teach you how to train your dog in course-appropriate skills, as well as helping you to understand your dog and further your relationship. Trained dogs are happy dogs!

Courses run in 6- or 8-week blocks and each class is 45mins long.

Not sure what class is best?

We offer a variety of classes and it can sometimes be difficult to know which is best for you and your dog! We’re always available via email or phone to discuss your needs, but it’s also worth considering your long-term plans with your pet. Dogs enjoy training and lots of dogs attend classes throughout their lives; it gives them a great opportunity to apply their intelligence productively, as well as some special time where they can build their relationship with you! If you want to try something like agility or flyball, your training pathway might be different to someone who wants to pursue competitive obedience.

For those who want an confident, obedient, well-rounded pet, we find most owners get the most benefit from participating in our Life Skills course, followed by the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Every family and dog has individual requirements, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss what you want!