Good Citizen Dog Scheme

The Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) is a non-competitive training programme that has been running across the UK since 1982. Owners and dogs train to a standard and pass an assessment for each of the four levels; Puppy, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The GCDS focuses on responsible dog ownership, including teaching the skills a dog needs to be polite, well-mannered, and obedient in any situation, but especially in day-to-day family life. You can find out more at the Kennel Club’s GCDS website.

The Good Citizen Dog Scheme is open to all ages and breeds of dogs, and dogs do not have to be Kennel Club registered to take part.

We teach Bronze, Silver, and Gold level Good Citizen Dog Scheme classes at North K9’s Cleckheaton and Huddersfield venues. Assessments are run approx every 8 weeks, but are not mandatory; it’s entirely up to you whether you would like to go for assessment or not!


Good Citizen Dog Scheme BronzeThis is the first level of training for the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. This class is perfect for dogs and handlers who have already completed our Life Skills course, and builds on the foundation you have already learned. The Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze course includes:

  • Owner Responsibility and Care
  • Basic handling for grooming and health checks
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Recall
  • Stay on lead (1 minute)
  • Control at a doorway
  • Controlled walk amongst people and other dogs

This course runs in 8-week blocks on Thursday evening at Milnsbridge. Visit our calendar to find the next available course.


The Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver is the second level of training, and follows on from the Bronze level classes. The GCDS Silver includes:Good Citizen Dog Scheme

  • Owner Responsibility and Care
  • Play with Dog
  • Road walk
  • Recall
  • Stay (2 minutes)
  • Get in/out of the car under control
  • Come away from distractions
  • Food Manners
  • Controlled greetings
  • Examination by a stranger

This class runs for 8 weeks.  Visit our calendar to find the next available course.


The Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold is the top level of training, and requires a high level of obedience, focus, and skill. The GCDS Gold includes:

  • Owner Responsibility and Care
  • Road walk including changing of pace
  • Walk free beside handler
  • Recall to side
  • Down Stay (2 minutes, including 30s out of sight of owner)
  • Send to Bed
  • Stop on command
  • Relaxed isolation
  • Food manners
  • Examination by a stranger

You must have passed your Bronze and Silver assessments to attend this class! This class runs for 8 weeks.  Visit our calendar to find the next available course.

What Next?

Platinum Club

£5 – weekly classes – Huddersfield (Sat)

This class is limited to those who have passed their GCDS Gold Assessment.

The next level of obedience training! This class continues to build on GCDS Gold level skills, looking at advanced skills to keep challenging you and your dog. Training will include:

  • Retrieves
  • Scent discrimination work
  • Advanced heelwork
  • Positions on the move
  • A-Recalls
  • Distance control
  • Sendaway and redirection

This is also the perfect stepping stone to competitive obedience!