Puppy Training

Getting a new puppy is an incredibly exciting event for any family. You’re adding a companion and pet for the next 12-15 years, and it’s important to make sure you’ve all had the right start!

North K9 offers a variety of puppy training options, available from day one of your puppy’s arrival. It’s never too early to begin training, and puppies are in a key stage of their development during the first six months, where every experience shapes their future. Dogs also go through several developmental periods as they grow, including an adolescent stage, which will go much more smoothly for you and your dog when you have a strong relationship and foundation for training already in place.

We also offer private puppy consultations.

Puppy Parties

We run puppy parties for our local Vets4Pets, at Pets at Home in Birstall.

Puppy parties are a great opportunity to start socialising and working with your puppy from day one. Our classes are kept small and are lead by experienced trainer Claire, alongside one of the qualified vet nurses. Puppies meet each other under careful supervision for short periods of time only, learning appropriate manners and greetings. We focus on the relationship between dog and owner, as well as introducing the basic life skills like impulse control, focus and attention, and basic commands like sit and recalls!

Puppy Foundation

Our Puppy Foundation classes are the ideal starting point for training your new family member.  It’s a short course to allow you and your dog a chance to get a feel for our training courses and the methods we use.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills classes offer the perfect stepping stone from our Puppy Foundation, or for slightly older puppies who are already fully vaccinated. You can find out more about our Life Skills classes here.

Puppy Packages

Make sure you get life with your new pet off the perfect start with our puppy packages!

Perfect Puppy

£195 for 3 sessions in your home, at our Huddersfield venue or a mix of both