Claire North

Claire North is the Lead Trainer at North K9.

Claire has been training dogs professionally since 2002 and holds a First Grade Honours Instructors Certificate from the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT). She’s also a registered member working toward accreditation from the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (KCAI) scheme, Claire also runs the Northern Institute for Canine Professionals and Scent Academy, and offers guest training all over the UK

Claire worked for many years with horses and riders, training them to work together and get the most from their relationship before her life changed with the arrival of Border Collie crossbreed puppy Lolly. Lolly  and Bert, a Greyhound Lurcher, were both rescue dogs and were incredible ambassadors for rehomed canines. Claire competed regionally and nationally with both dogs in flyball, and this began her passion for dog sports. Over the years, Claire and Lolly also trained in obedience, working trials, scent work, tracking, and search & rescue work.

To find out about Claire’s current dogs, just click on their names in the menu.  As you will see Claire believes that every dog should have a fulfilling job that they’re excited to do, whether that’s as a well rounded family pet, or working as a team to compete in a dog sport.

She loves helping owners harness the natural drives and motivations of their pets, and wants to help owners discover appropriate dog sports or tasks to further develop their relationship and training skills. Claire is particularly passionate about getting puppies and new families off to the right start, and much of her work is focused on ensuring the whole family – people and pets! – are comfortable, confident, and happy right from day one.

Claire offers private dog behaviour consultations and one-to-one dog training throughout West Yorkshire.

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