Dog Agility is a very popular sport which requires dogs to negotiate a series of obstacles, directed only by the handlers body language and verbal cues. It’s fast, varied, and lots of fun for dogs and handlers!

The sport requires a lot of dedicated training and dogs usually take 12-18months to become ready for basic competition. Even then, dogs and handlers will continue to train throughout their careers to develop their skills, and learn new ones!

Almost all breeds of dog can take part; the only exceptions are giant breeds like Saint Bernards or Newfoundlands, and some long-backed breeds like Dachshunds or Corgis. All that is required is that your dog is fit, healthy, and has a desire to work. We offer various agility classes which focus on providing a great foundation set of skills for dog and handler, as well as building your relationship with your dog.

Agility Foundation Skills

Agility SkillsWe run agility foundation skills as a workshop or series of classes. Our Agility Skills training introduces the foundations of agility, including:

  • Motivation (using food/toys effectively) and timing of rewards
  • Body awareness tricks and games
  • independent and forward-drive work
  • Advanced wait training
  • Target training
  • Basic shadow handling
  • Teaching dogs to extend and collect

This class is appropriate for dogs aged 8-10 months upwards. Use of equipment is minimal and involves no impact work, and includes access to supplementary online training.

To enroll in this course you should ensure that your dog has a basic level of obedience. If you’ve never done any kind of training class with your dog before, we recommend doing some of our Life Skills or Obedience classes first!

border collie mid-air over a jumpFurther Agility Classes

We run a selection of classes and one-to-one training from Beginners through to competition level agility.

To participate in our agility classes, you must have completed our Foundation Agility Skills training, or have previous agility training experience.

Please get in touch for further information about our agility classes.